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Meet UMA

We're dedicated to providing body and planet-safe period care for all.

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For the body

Vagina can absorb chemicals 10x more efficient than the mouth! The products you use near it should matter.

At UMA, we only use ultra-soft, GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton, made
 free of synthetic fibers, phthalates, fragrance, and chlorine bleach.

For the planet

Conventional pads are made with 90% plastic components that take 500+ years to biodegrade. Since day one, it has been our most important mission to develop a scalable solution. Our products are mostly compostable, including our 'plastics' which are made from plants, and our paper box packaging.

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For all women

We are committed to making safe period care accessible to everybody. We focus on quality, minimally-processed natural ingredients, and simplistic packaging, to deliver you the highest quality care at an affordable price point.

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