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1. What makes UMA different

The pads we grew up using are made with plastics, including the part that touches our skin. In addition to being harsh and irritating to the skin, these plastic pads are extremely dangerous to the environment, taking 500+ years to decompose.

Unlike plastic pads, UMA pads are made with up to 99% safe and natural ingredients that are better for your body and the environment, such as 100% organic cotton and biodegradable bioplastic!

2. What are UMA pads made of?

Our pads feature three simple ingredients: 100% organic cotton top-sheet, plant-based & Japanese polymer core, and compostable bioplastic. They are free of synthetic fibers, phthalates, fragrance, and chlorine bleach.

3. Does UMA pads have wings?

Yes. Our pads feature 100% organic cotton wings that wrap perfectly for a secure and comfortable fit.

4. Does UMA pads contain 'gels'?

Our pads feature a natural absorbent-core technology made from pulp and Japanese polymer (commonly referred as "gels"). Unlike the ultra-thin pads in the market, UMA uses 80% less gel making our pads more environmentally friendly and easier to wash!

5. Are UMA pads biodegradable?

UMA uses​ up to 99% natural materials that are very easy to degrade, even our plastics that are plant-based. We use 100% recycled paper boxes to make our packaging.

6. Are UMA pads certified?

Our cotton is certified organic according to the Global Organic Textile Standard. Our bioplastic is certified compostable by TUV Austria. Our whole line is certified by the Indonesian Health Ministry.

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